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POSTED: 3rd October 2012| FILED AS: |AUTHOR: Ashley

Bridgit’s Bday is a little bit over two months away! For the first time in History, BMN will start a birthday Project for her.

This year, We Will be making a Flip Book For Bridgit’s birthday. Think of it like an online year book

. Starting now until Dec 19, you can send messages or graphics or videos to this page , and, our site’s e-mail using the form below.The Graphics and Messages can have anything you want on it, but, try NOT to include personal info like phone numbers and addresses and what nots.   And PLEASE, No Sexual, or Vulgar Messages.  When our flip book is done, it will look something like this:
instead it will have birthday messages from the fans to Bridgit in them. You can also send a video message if you want.There are no limits to your creativity on this project, all we ask is that you keep your messages to a min of five paragraphs. But, if you’d like to include a letter to Bridgit in our project, be sure to send us the letter in a PDF file. Also, If you would like to attach a photo of yourself to go with your message , that is acceptable, be sure to upload the image you want us to use at and add the link to your photo along with your message

if you are submitting a video entry , please keep the video no longer than five mins long. You can post your entry on you tube and then message us the link.

You can also submit your flip book entries by on our Facebook [Please Message us your entries . Do not post them on our time line. Or, You can DM us your entire on twitter by following us [ @/BridgitMFansite]

If your sending a birthday message using twitter, please mention us [@BridgitMFansite] using TwitLong   and provide the link to the twit long  in the “Your Message For Bridgit” field on the forum Below.
Once the project’s deadline has arrived , we will do our best to tweet the link of the flip book to Bridgit so she can see the final out come of the birthday project. We are looking forward to all your entries!

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