FANDAGO reviews Arrietty

POSTED: 17th February 2012| FILED AS: reviews, The Secret World Of Arrietty|AUTHOR: Ashley

Everything is cuter when it’s small. Not just babies, either, although who can’t resist a newborn kitten or teensy baby socks? People love anything pocket size: miniature dogs, Hershey’s kisses and even little characters on the big screen. Family films have a large history of telling stories about itty-bitty creatures, as laid out in the Fandango photo feature “All the Small Things.” I’m not a psychologist, but logically, it seems kids can relate to the struggles of those who are perpetually looking skyward in the world they inhabit.

Therefore, The Secret World of Arrietty should be a satisfying and relatable film for kids who are still waiting for a growth spurt. Based on the children’s book The BorrowersArrietty is about tiny people living under a house who “borrow” miniscule amounts of food and shelter to survive. Once a human-size boy discovers them, his efforts to help Arrietty and her family actually endangers their lives.  Without the help of the “big” people, the Borrowers do just fine – which is how kids would like to think they would be without the help of adults